by design episode #26: Deck the Halls

Today we FINALLY get to talk about Christmas decor!!! We’re guessing most of you have already busted out those holiday bins and are starting to the deck the halls anyway, so we thought it’d be a good time to share a few ideas. We chat our favorite looks for the holidays season, share lots of easy diy’s, and have all kinds of links and design inspiration for you over on our website and pinterest. Make sure to check it out!

Lyn is also on the search for a simple diy for the top of her tree, so we’d LOVE to hear some of your ideas. We will be will be sharing our favorites in up and coming episodes and our feed, so we hope you join in on the fun! You can tag us on instagram or facebook, or email us at . We’d love to hear from you!

Happy decorating!


Lyn & Dannette

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{by design} pinterest board:

1. MANTLES – Our advice on this one, is keep it simple. Less is MORE.

And yes, some of us have camo stockings. But simplifying the surrounding elements, can even make them look beautiful. Dannette has hung hers on her wood burning stove.


If your lucky enough to have a fireplace, be sure to add a few lights, some greens and a glass element or two to your mantle.


And pine cones are magical. Sprinkle them around!


If you don’t have a mantle or fireplace, we love the idea of hanging your stockings from a large branch!

image via

2. STICKS AND GREENS – They’re a great way to add texture and that natural element everyone loves.

Mixing in beads is never a bad idea either!


Even just adding greens or branches to a bucket can do the trick.


Or add a few to add some glitz to your magazine bin.


You can also just stash some in a glass jar or vase.

image via

3. GARLAND. A staple of all things Christmas decor.

Last year Dannette and her kids made popcorn garland and spiced up their buck.


And if you happen to be from Canada and have a hubby whose handy with a bow { consider yourself BLESSED } and then grab some snowflakes and voila. Instant Christmas.



And if there are no moose or deer heads at your fingertips, just washi tape your garland to the wall and call it a day!


And beads! Gorgeous on the tree, in a vase or glass jar, or even on a tablescape.


4. UPCYCLE – Reuse things you have or take a trip to the thrift store

Dannette used old fringed sheer curtains as her Christmas tree skirt this year.


She also made a large gallery wall of empty frames she’s collected from thrift stores over the years.



5. PRINTABLES – Such a great way to add all the feels…using color, graphics, and verses.


And a side note, you can always add a frame to your thermostat or even a wall grill to make them part of your gallery wall.


FREE Printables! Just click the link below each picture.

image via thelittlegoldpixel
image via littlegoldpixel 
image via
image via

6. WASHI TAPE – It’s an easy way to add a little whimsy and meaning to a wall.

Like this washi tape Christmas tree!

image via
image via

It’s also a cute way to dress up a tea light.


7. WREATHS – One of our favorites.

You can use just one on a door or over a frame, or even 3 or more to create a pattern and rhythm.



image via
image via
image via
image via

8. LITTLE DETAILS – They make all the difference.

Like the pottery piece your grandma painted for you.


Or a few mason jars with ornaments in them. Simple and so pretty.


Sometimes it’s just a can with twigs glued to it…but little things like this are cheap and easy ways to glitz things up.


And then there are times you even have to decorate with things you don’t necessarily LOVE. Like this sleigh for instance. But it serves as a good distraction for the kids (away from the tree) and you can’t go wrong there.

i spy an army guy 😉

Or pull it all together with a gold tray and put a few of your favorite things in it.



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