by design episode #50: LINA ABUJAMRA // Living with Power

Alright guys… so today is episode 50 for us…and we’re probably more excited about our GUEST than we are about it being #50!!!

Today we have LINA ABUJAMRA on the show, and if you haven’t heard of her yet, you need to listen in because she is doing some amazing things in the name of Jesus. Lina works as a Pediatric ER doctor in Chicago, and she also founded a non profit called LIVING WITH POWER. On top of that, Lina is a gifted speaker (we’re talking anointed!), has written multiple books, hosts a radio show on Moody called Today’s Single Christian, has a podcast, blogs, and is also working in the Middle East providing medical care and hope to Syrian refugees.

{insert the sound of crickets…right!!!?}

THIS GAL IS ON FIRE. She’s full of wisdom and good ole’ spunk, and we’ve been championing her ever since we heard her speak a few years ago at a Rooted Chicago event. Lina is passionate about God’s word and her heart and burden is for the church. FOR US. She’s not just someone writing books and speaking and living the so called dream; she’s someone who has struggled and failed and who is just doing what she can with the gifts she’s been given. And she just so happens to be really good at it 😉

She inspires us. Our hope is she’ll inspire you to LIVE WITH POWER.

Thanks so much for listening!


Lyn & Dannette



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