by design episode #10: Rest For Your Soul & Texture

Hi friends! Can you believe that we’re at Episode 10?!!! Seriously…we are having SO much fun!

Today’s episode is about resting our very busy minds and hands and truly learning how to be still. We talk about spending time with God in the quiet and how hard it is to really settle in to those moments, unplug, and embrace the silence…especially when the norm for so many of us has become the exact opposite.

We also catch up on life this summer, and how it’s important to let ourselves off the hook a bit as moms and let go of the guilt of not giving our kids the “perfect” summer. Lyn shares a bit about her summer travels to the UK and the lovely day she spent at Pemberley {for all you Pride & Prejudice lovers out there}.

And design wise we chat about texture and how it that can totally take a space over the top. We also share some practical ways you can add visual weight and texture to your home.

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Mucho Love,
Lyn and Dannette


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Sacred Rhythms by Ruth Haley Barton

Seated with Christ by Heather Holleman

for funsies… Jim Gaffigan on Camping

and for you Pemberley fans…it’s time to do a load of laundry and watch Pride and Prejudice (1995 Colin Firth version, of course!)

* * *

Here’s some pics of Lyn’s travels to the UK, no Mr. Darcy, just Mr. Felsman for her 😉




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