by design episode #16: dear mom of littles – what we wish we knew & help for ceilings fans

On today’s episode we share an encouraging word for mommas of little ones. We chat about what we wish we knew and share some funny stories about potty training, family pictures, and feeding our kids cheese and crackers for dinner {because that totally counts we’re told}! We do dig a little deeper though and try to get to the heart behind why we wear ourselves out as moms and share ways to rise above.

And the design chat portion is all about help for ceiling fans…because let’s be honest, they need help! We share our favorite diy’s to pretty up the ones you have and resources for some beautiful new ones if you’re looking to purchase.

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Lyn & Dannette

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Potty training – the undies 🙂

Dannette’s family picture from a few years back where her kids were smiling thru the tears …



#1 Surround yourself with people who can speak into your life. And be teachable.

If you’re the one who always has the answers, then you {probably more than anyone} need to find someone else who does. Because truly, we all need people speaking into our lives. And if you’re not being led and encouraged by others, that’s a place where pride can grow. Maybe ask for advice from women and mommas who have went before you and that you respect. And we don’t mean the people we read about or follow online… let’s learn from real life people. The ones who can look into our eyeballs and check our hearts. We all need that. It might seem scary, but it’s so worth it.

Consider mentoring. If your kids are grown or nearly grown, try to find a younger mom you can encourage. Your words of wisdom could be balm to the soul of a young struggling momma.

Or if you’re a younger girl, maybe unmarried or without kids, consider offering to help a mom in your circles. And do it for free?! Yep. Let’s love and serve because we’re called to, not to earn a buck.

Likewise, teach the older women to be reverent in the way they live, not to be slanderers or addicted to much wine, but to teach what is good. Then they can urge the younger women to love their husbands and children… Titus 2:3-4

#2 You are ENOUGH.

So it’s time to stop striving. Give yourself a break. No one has it all together. Not even you. And those perfect pictures you see online, they’re just a glimpse of someone’s life. Not the whole of it. So let’s stop comparing in the hidden places of our hearts and setting unrealistic standards and expectations that really just set us up to fail.

Just let go of trying to be the best at everything. Take a deep breath and be YOU. You don’t have to be the best mom…the one who knows everything, who cooks perfect meals, keeps a perfect house, and only feeds her kids organic food. You already are the “best” mom for your kids, because guess what— God chose YOU for the job. He might even have a plan to use your faults for His glory and your family’s good…so give him a chance and quit hiding and stressing over not being perfect.

#3 Spinning plates…set one down or you’ll miss the whole meal

Life is busy and sometimes we all need to remind ourselves how fast it passes. And just like the word of God says, our children are a heritage — a reward. And if we’re not intentional in finding moments each day, even small ones, then the days can get away from us and leave us feeling like we missed the purpose in it. Let’s not be so busy and task oriented that we forget to enjoy the beauty of being a mom.

Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him. Psalm 127:3-4

#4 Take time to REST. And hang in there…YOU WILL SLEEP AGAIN.

If you’re a mom, you know about losing sleep. My guess is you’re also familiar with running on empty. Let’s face it, when we’re tired, we’re not our best. Our brains don’t work, and it’s harder to tap into those necessary graces like patience and mercy and kind words. So when you’re feeling overwhelmed and a tad used up, REST. Be kind to yourself. Sometimes you just need a minute where people aren’t climbing on you or asking you for things. You won’t be a bad mom for taking a break. You’ll be a SMART one. So give yourself 5 minutes of alone time. Maybe it’s a power-nap while your little one is sleeping or flipping thru a magazine while they’re happily playing. Or get outside and take in some of God’s beauty and take a few deep breaths and allow yourself to decompress. You’ll be better for it, we promise.

DESIGN CHAT: Help for Ceiling Fans

DIY ideas

Paint your existing fan blades.

image credit: apartment therapy



image credit:

Or paint the whole fan. If you’re looking for that rustic or industrial look, consider all black. You could even add in some edison bulbs for kicks.



image credit:

Switch out that horrible fan light. A simple drum shade would do the trick.



image credit: unknown

Or grab yourself some wire cage covers. Amazon has them!

image credit:
image credit:

And one of my favs…make yourself an yarn orb.

image credit:

If you’re buying new, you should consider these gems. 

Shades of Light
Shades of Light
Shades of Light
Minka Group
Barn Light Electric
Barn Light Electric
Home Decorators


Home Decorators via Home Depot
Lamps Plus
And of course…a fan on a porch is just lovely. {image source unknown}
Image source:






  1. Linda Overman | 27th Sep 16

    You ladies always get a few giggles out of me when I’m listening to your podcasts:) You both keep your experiences in life so real…which supports many in their journeys in life. God bless you:)

    • Dannette | 27th Sep 16

      Thank you my dear. We appreciate your comments as always. And yeah, we pretty much have to laugh at ourselves so we don’t cry in the midst of it all, right? Mommying is no joke, and yet it is?! ha. xo

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