by design episode #2: Open Hands & Curtains

So I like control. Shocker, I know.

Know what else I think though…? I’m not alone. Today on the podcast Dannette and I chat about keeping our hands open, and how saying yes to the right things takes courage. We chat about how we aren’t to please everyone with just being a “yes man”. We also laugh at how crazy I am with my adult ADD… And our design chat is about curtains!


So let’s keep our hands open friends. Let’s ask ourselves some hard questions and be bold enough to say no and let go of some of the things we are holding too closely.

What are you holding onto that’s hurting you in the long run?

What do you need to set down so that you can pick up the good things?

Where can you experience freedom? In surrender, and in serving?

Are the things in your hands there because they’re part of your dream, your work, or your calling for this season of life…or are you spending time filling your schedules to keep up with the women around you? 

Heb 12:1b says “… let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus…”

Friends, run YOUR race. Not the people that you admire… you can’t run their race. You were made to run YOUR race! And we’re here to encourage you!! You’ve got this! Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus and run with perseverance.  That word makes me realize that it won’t always be easy and it’s going to take grit.


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lyn and dannette

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JOHN PIPER – a theologian we love and listen to. We shared a quote of his …”if you have a heart to build others up, the Holy Spirit will provide opportunities.”

JENNIE ALLEN on Jamie Ivey’s The Happy Hour Podcast — Happy Half Hour #4 Episode


Design Chat: Curtains


  • Curtain Rod Height
    • We like to hang our curtain rods as high as possible ( preferably at least 6″ above your window trim/frame )
    • Make sure you coordinate your curtain rod height with the height of your curtain panels.
      • We prefer for ours to either “kiss” the floor, leaving the bottom hem just barely touching the floor…1/4″ above the floor at the most.
      • Or puddling. This is our fav! Leave a little extra fabric at the bottom (about 4″) and let them gather and puddle. It’s such a great way to bring a little design drama into your space.
  • Curtain Rod Width
    • Ultimately, it really depends on how wide your window is…and how wide your fabric panels are…
    • But a good rule of thumb is to hang them at least 10-12″ beyond the outermost part of your window.
      • This will allow the curtain fabric panel to hang mostly over the wall space next to your window, leaving as much of the glass exposed as possible.
      • This will also lengthen the appearance of your window. So if you have a small window (like 30″-36″), stacking the panels on the sides like this will make them feel bigger! Yay 🙂


  • Sheets as curtains! Yep, those are sheets beautifully billowing in Lyn’s office at the beginning of this post.
  • Lyn bought hers at Target
  • For hardware you can use these Curtain Clip Rings, also from Target
  • Or just cut small slit in the top of your sheet hem for a pocket rod type of install like Lyn did. You can use fabric tape to fold back and finish off the cut seam.
  • West Elm and The Company Store always have good sales.
    • I especially LOVE the Sheer Yard Dyed ones from The Company Store {and they’re usually on sale}
  • And of course, IKEA. No need to elaborate there.

sheets as curtains


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