by design episode #21: Shopping with Purpose Gift Guide

Today’s episode is all about shopping with purpose! With the holidays being just around the corner, we thought this little gift guide would help you find that special gift and also give back at the same time.

We share a few of our favorite fair trade businesses that support women artisans in impoverished countries and even share a few ways to purchase gifts here in the states that help those struggling here at home. It’s really a great way to give one of a kind gifts that are not only beautiful and hand-made, but also have a story.

Happy shopping!

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Lyn & Dannette

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1. Project Free 2 Fly

Free 2 Fly was born out of a desire to start a creative business that would exist to do one thing: help women in our community who are unemployed but desire to rise above their current circumstance.  Many women face circumstances that are holding them back from reaching their full potential. We want to not only encourage them, but also show them how they can rise above and move beyond that circumstance.

There are many women that have dreams and goals for their lives, but they either don’t believe they could ever achieve them or don’t know how to start pursuing them. Free 2 Fly desires to support, nurture and empower women so when they begin to voice their dreams and hopes, they learn to realize that they can be attainable. From transitioning out of homelessness to facing an unwed crisis pregnancy, we believe that women can find purpose and value within our community, in spite of the trials they face.  Teaching them how to sew is a catalyst for increased self-esteem.  It also enables them to realize that they can learn a new skill and experience success.

These foundations that we are helping them build will equip them for long-term success and sustainability in the workforce.  Free 2 Fly’s main objective is to build a business and organization that serves women in our community.  Upon exiting our program, we believe these women will have the foundations they need to succeed and thrive.

*** Aren’t these products just gorgeous??? From custom bags, clutches and portfolios, to some of our FAVORITE earrings evah!!! Make sure to check them out ↓ *** 


2. Persimmon Prints

The designer of Persimmon Prints, Kacie Feeney, creatively captures and displays God’s divine words, and shares His message of love with the world. This shop helps you FILL your life with print, FIX your heart on God, and FIGHT for those in need.

Lyn has some of their tops, and she’d be the first to tell you they’re amazing! We love how every piece of theirs is a way to support and give to a need, not to mention how comfy and lovely each item is.

We are especially loving the LOVE GOD & SERVE OTHERS LONG SLEEVED RAGLAN featured below. Make sure to check them out and do some Christmas shopping there!


3. Ashes Ashes

For those of you who are shopping for adorable, cuteness for all the littles in your life, check out this amazing shop of handmade clothing and accessories.

Becky is a busy stay at home mom that creates the most adorable fashions for babies and kids. It’s some seriously adorable stuff! Lyn just ordered a few items for a new little nephew who will be making his debut soon. GO GET SOME!!!


4. Noonday Collection

Noonday Collection is a SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS that uses fashion TO CREATE MEANINGFUL OPPORTUNITIES AROUND THE WORLD. They design and sell an inspired collection of jewelry and accessories made by Artisans across the globe. They develop artisan businesses through fair trade, connecting them to a growing marketplace and empowering them to make a difference in their communities.

*** Our ambassador is a dear friend. Here’s her shop if you’d like to shop thru her. Or you can go their website and search for one in your community. ***

Shop thru Noonday Ambassador: Liz Bradley


5. Abide Family Center

Another great organization is the Abide Family Center. They help families stay together by empowering single mom’s {and sometimes even single dads} by giving them emergency housing with a 12 week course to learn a skill. They give bible studies and parenting classes. There is a child development center onsite where their child can stay and learn. When they graduate, they get a micro loan and social workers continue to follow up with them. This way families can stay together…so poverty doesn’t break up a loving family.

They have headbands right now that you can buy that are stitched by one of the ladies in the program.

They’re just darling, and really, who doesn’t need a good headband these days???!

Shop Stitched Together Uganda – Etsy Shop

Use this code until PURCHASEWITHPURPOSE to get 20% off! Coupon expires 11/22/16

*** And be sure to follow our friend Lovelyn Palm (on instagram at @letlovegrow or on facebook )… and follow her journey in Uganda, where she is currently living with her family of 12. Lovelyn is a passionate advocate for vulnerable children, and this is her sweet daughter pictured below wearing one of the Abide Family Center’s headbands. ***

headband lovelyn-palm-headband

6. Kids Alive International

Kids Alive International is a Christ-centered mission dedicated to rescuing orphans and vulnerable children – meeting their spiritual, physical, educational, and emotional needs.

All of the children in our care were orphaned, abandoned, or abused, living on the streets, and victims of poverty, disease, or war. Kids Alive rescues these children – one at a time – and enrolls them into one of our Children’s Homes, a Care Center, or School program that is best suited to the care they need.

We are currently reaching children in 15 countries with the redeeming love of Christ.

Kids Alive Gift Catalog – You can buy backpacks packed full of school supplies, bibles, or even chickens and livestock to help feed a hungry family. Just check out their site, they offer so many ways to help!

kids-alive-1 kids-alive-2

7. Advent Studies

One thing we have started doing with our families is observing Advent together the 4 weeks before Christmas. It’s a great way to go deeper as a family and be intentional about the meaning of Christmas, and it really helps you to create a worshipful atmosphere in your home.

The book series the Lyndsye’s family LOVES: Jotham’s Journey


The advent study Dannette’s family does: Unwrapping the Greatest Gift


Coloring pages to go along with the Unwrapping the Greatest Gift
Coloring pages to go along with the Unwrapping the Greatest Gift

She Reads Truth Advent Studies

photo credit:
photo credit:

Kids Table Cards from She Reads Truth

table cards for Kids Read Truth
table cards for Kids Read Truth | photo credit:

8. Christmas Music

Here are some great songs that foster a heart of worship this Christmas season!

…and the book that NEEDS to be made into a song according to our Canadian co-host A Porcupine in a Pine Tree

9. Random ideas

  • Repurpose! Thrift Stores – Give a lonely lamp a makeover or paint a frame or paint over a painting (a great thing for kids to do and give to grandma or grandpa!)
  • Have your kids make coupons to give your neighbors for free yard work or snow shoveling or getting the mail for them
  • Carry some gift cards for restaurants or grocery stores with you in your car or wallet to help needy or homeless people you pass by.
  • Stock your car with gloves or blankets to give out to the needy folks in your city.

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