by design episode #28: Rooted Chicago

This week we chat with our friends at Rooted Chicago. This is a group that we have grown to love and appreciate so much! Their mission is to encourage & connect women to the movement of God in the city of Chicago and beyond. They truly are women who want fewer things, deeper roots & grounded lives.

Today you’ll meet Mary Potter and Sandy Hamstra, two complete gems, who help lead and steward the efforts at Rooted Chicago. They share a bit with us about the heart of Rooted and its hardworking team and what that looks like in the coming year. We also chat about the impact of past events, some of the inspiring speakers they’ve hosted, and the freedom and connection that comes with staying small.

So sit back, grab a tea, coffee or whatever you prefer and get acquainted with the lovely ladies at Rooted Chicago!

Rooted Chicago exists to encourage, connect and mobilize women of all 
seasons as we fully pursue God in our circumstances.

Thanks so much for listening!


Lyn & Dannette



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As usual, we hounded our guests for family pics AND of course, a photo of what they love most about their homes.

Here’s Mary, her hubby Hap, and their 3 adorable blue-eyed babes!

Check out Mary’s Ikea cabinets… she was spot on with these! Gray with gold hardware, AND a butcher block counter? Yes, please.

The perfect way to keep toys hidden and out of the way. Great job Mary!

And here’s Sandy, her hubby Mark, and their GORGEOUS kiddos.

Here’s a shot of Sandy’s stunning buffet…a piece restored from the 1940’s! (painted by Petronella Designs) And this Christmas shot is just perfection by the way. Love the tree greens in the vase Sandy!!!


We have been so encouraged and blessed by stepping out of our comfort zones and keeping our hands open to new things, and just saying YES, LET’S DO THIS. We’ve met some of the best people and God has met and challenged us in ways we couldn’t have imagined. Like starting this podcast for instance… Rooted Chicago and their April 2016 conference had a big part in that. ♥

Here are some candid shots of a few of the Rooted Chicago events we’ve been to!

Yes… LET’S DO THIS // Rooted Living Room Gathering – December 2016
the Rooted Chicago team // Rooted Living Room Gathering – December 2016
Such a great atmosphere at Rooted Headquarters // Rooted Living Room Gathering – December 2016
Ephesians 3 // Rooted Living Room Gathering – December 2016
the cutest reindeer ever // Rooted Living Room Gathering – December 2016
Dannette is showing Mary & Sandy something VERY interesting // Rooted Living Room Gathering – December 2016
LOVE // Rooted Living Room Gathering – December 2016
we met Bianca Olthoff ! // Play with Fire – Rooted Chicago – September 2016
Lyndsye & Bianca // Rooted Chicago – September 2016
amazing worship // Rooted Chicago – April 2016
Dannette with friends Michelle & Liz // Rooted Chicago – April 2016
Dannette with friends Michelle, Liz, Jess & Jenn // Rooted Chicago – April 2016
discussion panel with Bob Goff and Cory & Shannan Martin // Rooted Chicago – April 2016
Bob Goff and Rooted Host Deb Gorton // Rooted Chicago – April 2016

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