by design episode #29: Sarah Bragg

On today’s episode we chat with Sarah Bragg. This wife and momma of two writes, works in ministry, has her own podcast, and also has a little decorating business on the side! ? {Yep, she’s awesome.} She’s also a wealth of knowledge, has a heart to encourage, and we just love her to bits. We chat about contentment, body image, parenting, and of course, decorating and design.

Sarah has worked with students in ministry for more than 15 years. Her book titled Body. Beauty. Boys. The Truth About Girls and How We See Ourselves helps young women find their value in the One who matters. She currently works as the Lead Editor XP3 Middle School for Orange. She also has a Masters of Arts in Biblical Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary.

Sarah and her husband, Scott, and their daughters, Sinclair and Rory, reside in Marietta, Georgia. To listen to conversations about surviving life, check out her podcast Surviving Sarah on iTunes at

Sarah’s sweet family

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DESIGN CHAT: Sarah’s Farmhouse

We wanted to share a few photos of the dream farmhouse Sarah decorated and restored. We LOVE her style, and her dream home is our dream home too 🙂

For all the photos and the full story (including the before and afters), check out Sarah’s website!

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