by design episode #4: weddings…and what really matters!

It’s wedding season friends! And on today’s show we chat about some of the good and hard things involved in the planning process, wedding favors, some “musts” for the bride, and lastly, what’s really important for your big day!

Whether you’re a bride to be, hope to be one soon, or a mother of children you hope to marry off one day, you won’t want to miss this one! We even squeezed into our wedding dresses … because, you know … that’s normal right???

2016-06-22 10.56.27-1
one of our wedding dresses got drug thru the backyard mud. the other one is total fairy tale quality. weird.
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like lyn says…let’s get our money’s worth out of our dresses. so invite friends over. put those dresses on! laugh and just enjoy yourselves. then send us your pictures…so we can laugh too. @bydesignpodcast on instagram 🙂
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this is our friend Kelly. you’ll be meeting her next week. she made the mistake of dropping by while we were wearing our dresses…so we forced a veil on her. so fun!

There are { of course } a million special details we could discuss regarding weddings. Like wedding decor! And at some point here soon, we’ll totally be going there. These were just a few of our thoughts and things we’re hearing and experiencing in our circles right now. We want to be real…and these are real things we’d say to you if you were sitting across the table from us having coffee… Hope you enjoy!


{ and a few things we meant to talk about! }


  • BRIDESMAIDS DRESSES — Try keeping the cost under $100 for your attendants.
    • Consider off the rack options … shop the sale racks! Just get all your bridesmaid’s dress sizes before you go. That’s how I bought mine…I bought 5 dresses off the rack, in all the right sizes and it worked great!
    • Look into bridesmaid dress rental sites. It might sound crazy, but you can rent dresses at some sites starting at $50…and then no one has to pretend they’re going to wear them again {ha} !
    • Go simple. Pick out bridesmaid dresses that aren’t over the top. You’ll shine like a star and they’ll be relieved. Believe me 🙂
    • If you’re picking out their dresses…maybe let them pick out their shoes? One’s they WILL wear again. Just give them a color and style suggestion so they can see what you like and let them each pick out their own shoes. It’s worth it! No one will ever remember or really care about the bridesmaids shoes.
    • Save yourself some time and money, and consider just NOT doing them. Just have chocolates {or donuts!} on the reception tables. Win. Win.
    • Or consider GIVING BACK by bestowing true favor on someone who really needs it. Leave place-cards or a note on the reception tables explaining how you’ve paid it forward.


  • Make sure your make-up and hair are done by a professional…or someone who will have the TIME that day to do it justice. You looking your best and feeling your best is worth the cost.
  • Drink lots of water leading up to your big day. Lyn says so!
  • Have a heart to heart with God, your future spouse, and someone who has your best interests at heart a few months before the big day. With all the time that’s spent designing the event, you shouldn’t be afraid to do the same for the relationship.
  • And remember to DANCE. Dance it out…laugh, and enjoy this special time!


Lyn & Dannette


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