by design episode #44: marriage & shiplap

Today we’re chatting about our marriages. We talk about what we’ve learned, some of the best advice we’ve been given, and what it looks like to love well even when circumstances make it difficult.

We also have some fun chatting about Lyn’s ongoing home renovation. We chat about the shiplap they’ve added, the walls they’ve opened up, and she shares some pics of their progress. Seriously, it looks SO great!!!

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Lyn & Dannette



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A few before shots // Lyn’s beautiful antique cabinet used to sit front a plain old painted wall. It’s pretty. But just wait…

On demo day, Lyn let her kiddos write on the wall! SO FUN. This is the before shot of the wall between the kitchen and living/foyer area. This is the wall that they opened up…

The after shots // Here’s the wall all opened up. Look at all that light !!! And this wall got shiplap as well, really adding some character and texture to the all drywall room.

And of course, Lyn’s antique cabinet looks stunning in front of the other shiplap wall.


And Lyn does such a great job of decorating, we had to include a few lovely detail pics to inspire you.

We also chatted a bit about Lyn’s kitchen cabinets and countertops, but that part of the project is still underway. We’ll do another post of everything once it’s all finished up. Here’s a glimpse of some of the open shelving they recently installed. The walls aren’t painted or anything, but still, the shelves have already transformed the space.

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