by design episode #45: Kay Warren // Sacred Privilege

Today’s episode was such an honor to record. We chat with the radiant Kay Warren about her new book Sacred Privilege, which releases TODAY!

Kay shares a bit of her journey as a pastor’s wife with us (Kay and her husband Rick Warren co-founded Saddleback Church in California) and she even shares a few of the very real road bumps and valleys along the way. We chat about her heart for those in the midst of ministry and she gives some great words of encouragement and wisdom for those struggling thru the hard places.

We also hear Kay’s personal story of loss, as her son Matthew killed himself only a few short years ago. We hear her story as a mom and pastor’s wife, and she shares what it’s like to grieve her sweet son so openly in the public eye.

Kay also shares her passion for those living with anxiety, depression, and mental illness…and oh my goodness, it is BEAUTIFUL. She has a vision for the church to be a place of acceptance and belonging, one that offers community and fellowship and hope to those who suffer not only from these types of illnesses, but the stigma that seems to follow them.

Please give this one a listen and share it, folks. It truly is one that we all need to hear.

Thanks so much for listening!


Lyn & Dannette



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