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by design episode #57 Hope and Chalk Board Paint

July 17, 2017

On today’s episode we catch up on some things going on in our lives, {like PURSUIT in Lyn’s backyard THIS THURSDAY!! YOU should come!!} and what God’s been growing in us.  We share how hope, real lasting hope has helped us both in the darkest hours of our lives. We know all to well that sometimes in our right now, hope seems far off and unavailable. But, with reminding ourselves of truth, we can cling to the only promises that we can trust.

We also talk about our deep love for chalk board paint, and share some of our favorite, easy diy’s!

Our hearts are for you to be encouraged, and if you’re struggling with believing things can get better, know we’re praying for you!

Thanks so much for listening!


Lyn & Dannette



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It’s the week of PURSUIT!! All the details are here! Hope you can join us at Lyn’s house!

She Reads Truth daily devotions… It’s so great and free, go sign up here!

The amazing book by AW Tozer “The Pursuit of God”. Buy yours here.

The passages Lyn and Dannette have been reflecting on — Romans 5:3, Romans 8:5-8. The hope verses we cling to, Psalm 43:5 ,{HOPE = A Confident Expectation} 2Chronicles 20

William Carey quote  “Expect great things from God”

The song that Kurt wrote after being given Psalm 71:14  “Always Hope” Sevenglory

“Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.” Victor Hugo, Les Miserables

Chalkboard Paint at any home store… Lyn gets hers at Home Depot.

Chalk board spray paint from Walmart.

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