by design episode #6: Mom Struggles & Decluttering

In this episode we talk about parenting and Dannette shares her very real struggle as she parents a strong willed child. We talk about how it truly does take a village to parent well and share some resources to turn to for encouragement and direction.

We also chat about all the clutter and “stuff” that comes with having kids in your home {especially during the summer}, and we give some tips on how to manage and contain it all.

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Lyn & Dannette

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Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World by Kristen Welch

The Strong Willed Child  by James Dobson

Bringing Up Boys by James Dobson

Shepherding a Child’s Heart by Tedd Tripp

Dannette shares a little bit about how baby Rage got his name… Another Wave in This Storm


DESIGN CHAT: Decluttering Tips

Whatever is out in your home becomes your DECOR

Think about the things you have out on your counters, your floors and tucked into the corners of your home. Whatever those things are, you can be sure of this… they are either adding to or taking away from the look and style of your home. Our advice is to try to find ways to contain them {in a stylish way} until they get back to the shelf or closet they belong in. And it’s safe to say that a lot of the things that we have out, are things we use daily anyway, and they might not have a final spot to go to.

So what do we do with the stuff that is taking over our homes?


  • Start with one task. Pick one thing and get it done (like your kitchen countertops, your foyer, a random overstuffed corner, or even a simple ole’ drawer). The trick is to just get started. You’ll spend a half hour at the most and feel like you actually accomplished something!
  • The key is to do one big thing a day, or every other day or once a week…whatever works for you. Make it part of your routine and before you know it, you’ll feel like you’re on top of it.


  • Try to make sure the entry point of your home is organized and tidy. Or maybe it’s your back hall or mud room. Either way, keeping these spaces in order sets the mood for when you and your family come home.
  • Add some fresh flowers or the prettiest yard weeds you can find {like Dannette did ↓}…a pop of color and some bins to organize the necessities.
  • And let’s be real, it won’t always look clean and well kept either! But if you have some nice looking containers to hold the mess, it’s an easy toss to get things put away and out of sight.








  • Get yourself some cute containters! If the mess is at the least contained in something stylish or pretty, then at least it’s adding something to your space, right?!
    • Container store — just click the link. You’ll be inspired to organize something!
    • IKEA Organizing Ideas
    • Goodwill — there are always great little organizers there. Baskets, bins, file boxes…be creative and you won’t have to spend much.
    • Up-cycle some things around your house — like soup cans, jars, etc. Grouping “like” items to store things in creates a pattern and repetition that just feels more organized 🙂 And it will look good and like you put some thought into it.
  • Use clear containers so you can see what’s in them. Like plastic bins, glass jars, little trays…there a lots of ways to make this happen.
cans -- everything etsy
  • Lyn’s $30 IKEA cart
    • She has kids coloring items mixed in with some of her glassware. It’s a great way to bring some organization, function and style to your kitchen space.

lyns ikea cart3

lyns ikea cart2

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